Today:   Saturday 26 September 2020

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance

The accident is an unexpected incident that results in injury or lesion to a person by a foreign force.
Accident insurance is in a group of people's insurance. The subject of insurance is compensation for accidents in case of death, dysfunction and permanent disability (general and partial) for the insured person. In case of accident insurance, death and disability insurance or dysfunction would be determined on a cross-section basis and is payable in the case of risk or accident covered by the capital insurance.

In the event of an accident insurance policyholder paying a premium, you would cover yourself or your organization against all the risks of various accidents that cause permanent or partial deaths, both minor and general. This type of insurance covers accident risks at any time, at any place throughout the term and covers all occupational, sporting, educational, travel, and other hazards.

Types of accident insurance:

1- Group accident insurance

2- Individual accident insurance

1- Group accident insurance: This type of insurance is issued for more than 10 people and its conditions depend on the need of the insurer. In this type of insurance company, ministries, offices, etc. can cover their employees using insurance services.

2-Individual Accident Insurance: In this type of insurance, you cover yourself against occupational and non-occupational accidents or other risks for one year. Eligibility for individual insurance policies based on individual occupation and amount of capital and the liabilities would be undercover.