Today:   Saturday 26 September 2020

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance

Sadra Insurance Company provides fire insurance for blockades, industrial, commercial, administrative units, workplaces and warehouses for dear compatriots to cover fire risks, lightning, and explosion and compensates for the financial damages caused by these incidents.

The issue of fire insurance is the provision of compensation and financial and material damages that the insurer's property and assets are subject to as a result of the above events. Therefore, you are covered by fire insurance, not loss of life and insurance. Like other branches of property insurance, fire insurance covers the principle of indemnity, substitution rule, goodwill principle, insurance benefit rule and the relative rule of insurance premium.
The following are some of the insurance items covered by fire insurance:

1-Home fire insurance
In this type of insurance policy, at the request of the homeowner or blocker of insurance against the risks of fire, explosion, and lightning, the insurer can pay with any amount of desired capital, depending on the value of the home and the furniture. Its premium is to make this policy.

2-Industrial fire insurance
Industrial units include all factories that are involved in the production of industrial materials, including food processing factories, commodities, printing and binding, non-metallic minerals, building and miscellaneous industries.